Mortgages Above £1,000,000

Mortgages Above £1,000,000


Are you looking for a mortgage of £1,000,000 or more?

We understand the difficulties faced by individuals arranging mortgage finance in excess of £1,000,000.

Many High Net Worth individuals receive their income from multiple sources. Quite often a basic salary will be topped up by substantial bonus earnings for instance.

The majority of lenders simply will not provide a mortgage in excess of £1,000,000 and often those that will do not appreciate the often complicated make-up of a person’s income or the speed with which often a mortgage offer is required in order to secure the property.

Will your own bank provide a £1,000,000 mortgage?

You may have found us after being told by a high street Bank that they are unable to assist you with the level of borrowing that you require. For many lenders, a borrowing exceeding  £1,000,000 simply falls outside of criteria or they just become too nervous about this level of exposure to one individual.

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With over 30 years mortgage experience Prudell Ltd have become specialists in advising and arranging mortgages at this level and above. We have direct links into the High Net Worth Underwriting Departments with a number of major high street Banks and Building Societies as well as Private Banks and other specialised lending sources.

Our service provides you with a way of bypassing the frustration of being rejected by lenders with an out-of-date bias towards a restricted level of lending.

If you are a First Time Buyer or looking to move home then contact us for a no obligation quote.

You may already have a mortgage and be hunting for a more competitive mortgage product. Request a quote and we will be delighted to explain our service

Please call us on 020 7328 3280 to discuss your requirements. Our advisers can provide you with a fast assessment as to whether we are able to assist with your enquiry. This avoids the need for unnecessary delays and numerous searches of your credit file by Banks who ultimately cannot help you which will often affect your credit rating.

We are specialists in high net worth mortgages and excel in placing large mortgage loans at very competitive interest rates.

Please contact us today on 020 7328 3280, email us on or complete the form below and we will contact you.

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