Tier 2 Visa Mortgage

Tier 2 and Highly Skilled Migrant Worker Visa Mortgage

passport_image.jpgAre you looking for a Tier 2 visa mortgage?

Prudell Ltd understand the difficulties in obtaining a mortgage faced by foreign nationals working in the UK on a Tier 2 or Highly Skilled Migrant Worker Visa.

Will your own bank provide a visa mortgage?

You may have found us after being told by a high street Bank that they are unable to assist you as you are on a Tier 2 or Highly Skilled Migrant Worker Visa. With over 30 years mortgage experience we have strong links with major high street Banks and Building Societies  as well as Private Banks and other specialised lending sources.

What sort of mortgage are you looking for?

We have arranged mortgages for foreign national clients in a variety of situations including:

  • Up to 90% of the purchase price or value of the property
  • No minimum time requirements for residence in the UK
  • No minimum time remaining on your Tier 2 Visa

Find out more

Please call us on 020 7328 3280 to discuss your visa mortgage requirements. Our advisers can provide you with a fast assessment as to whether we are able to assist with your enquiry. This avoids the need for unnecessary delays and numerous searches of your credit file by Banks who ultimately cannot help you which will often affect your credit rating.

Our clients understand it is difficult to obtain a mortgage if you are not a UK national without permanent rights to remain.

In order to qualify and for us to assist your earned income must be sufficient and be derived from either employment or self employment. We have experience in placing clients in these circumstances, with national lenders whom are able to offer a range of mortgages and these can be available with as little as a 10% deposit.

If you are a First Time Buyer please click here for assistance in matters you should consider before securing an offer on a property you wish to purchase.

Check how much your new mortgage would likely cost then please click here.

Typically, we will ensure you meet the mortgage lenders criteria and our provisional assessment will be based on the affordability of your mortgage payments and the extent of your right to enter, live and work in the UK. Our Advisers will quickly tell you, whether you will qualify on any of the schemes we have on offer. Call us today for our provisional assessment on whether you qualify and whether we can help.

We have assisted a large numbers of clients who are foreign nationals from countries including Australia, the US, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, Brazil, India & China, and many other nationalities.

You should not be charged a higher mortgage rate simply because you are on a working visa.

Please contact us today on 020 7328 3280, email us on enquiries@prudell.co.uk  or complete the form below and we will contact you.

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